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How to Craft a Message for your Email Blast

Make it personal. Remember you are talking to the people you know! The power of your message is in its personal touch. Be sure to use your friend’s first names in the greeting, and subject line. This can be the difference between seeing the donations roll in and getting no return, it’s incredibly important!

Keep it short and to the point. It’s likely many of your potential backers will read your message on their phone, while out and about. Most people only read the first few lines, which means you need to grab their attention and tell them what you need in a few short lines. Tell them what you’re raising money for and the perks they can get.

Ask for feedback. There’s a saying in the fundraising world, “If you ask for money, you get feedback. If you ask for feedback…” Well, you can finish the rest. By asking for feedback, you are drawing your supporters in, and making them part of your team. People invest in things they are a part of, so get feedback, and money will follow.

Don’t ask for social shares. When you ask for social shares, you are giving people a way to feel as though they supported you, without actually contributing. You want people to know that the best way to support you is by opening their wallets! Share fatigue is real, and it doesn’t necessarily lead to dollars in your campaign. But rest assured, if someone supports you by contributing, they will very likely share the project as well.

Stay out of the gmail promotional folder. Plain text is always better. As nice as a photo may look, save that for your actual campaign page, not your email message. Design elements will lead your email to the gmail promotional folder, where your contact may never see it. Think about it, how often do you open that folder? Yeah, me either.
Over 70% of people use Gmail & Google, and photos are a one way ticket to the promotional Folder.

Free Monkey costs more! You can also avoid the promotional folder by NOT using the free monkey emailing service (or other 3rd party services). This is another one way ticket to to the Gmail promotional Folder!
Unlike Green Inbox, free services do not do manual checks on your message vs spam filters etc., and your messages are likely to never reach the recipients inbox, and just land in the promotional or spam folders.
If you want to reach your recipients' INBOX use Green Inbox.

Some words and phrases will flag your message as Spam! You’ve put a lot of time into this, and it shows. While you may feel funny at first about asking for money, don’t use negative words in your message, and above all, don’t use the word Spam! Not only will it make you seem less sure of yourself, it could send your email exactly where you don’t want it to go, the dreaded Spam Folder!

Tip: Make sure to test your message through common spam filters. If you are not familiar with the method, use Green Inbox. This is a free service we provide for each Green Inbox order.

Don’t use a link shortener! While useful, link shorteners like are a huge red flag for inboxes! In most cases, a link shortener will get you a one way ticket to the Spam Folder.

Pay very close attention to the links in your message. You want to get those clicks! The best way to do this is use only ONE link. Direct people exactly where you want them to go. If there are additional links you want people to visit, include them on your campaign page, not in the message.

Put the link where people can see it quickly! Be sure your link is prominently written in your message, and be sure it appears above your name signature, so it’s not folded out of sight in your email since some email clients (like gmail) would hide your signature name and everything below that.

Avoid using phrases like “If 500 friends give $5, we’ll be funded today!” While this may be true, your backers want to know how much their individual support helps you, they need to feel appreciated, not like one in a crowd of 500.

Remind people who you are. A Facebook connection you met while backpacking in Europe years ago may want to support you, but they may also need a refresher. Make it easy for everyone by including a link to your Facebook profile with your signature.

Keep you message warm. You are asking people for not only their time and attention, but also their money. A warm, friendly message sets the proper tone of your campaign.

How Protect Pax Got Massive Press Coverage in 5 Minutes work.

Green Inbox Publishers Package.

While our smartphones may be brilliant, they are still breakable. Yes, there are already endless ways to protect your phone, but none that we have seen tops what the guys from a small company called ProtectPax have delivered – invisible film to make your phone or any glass surface as hard as rock. Simply take the ProtectPax miraculous gel, apply it with your fingers to your phone’s screen,wait 10 minutes and voila! You now have an invincible smartphone.

The ProtectPax team knew that they had created something special and they wanted to make sure that word got out to as many folks as possible in order to get the funding they needed to launch the product at scale. When Pascal and Anthony, the founders, discovered Green Inbox – a fundraising tool that serves as an automated marketing platform, they knew they could achieve their crowdfunding objective. Green Inbox sends personal messages to your contacts via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Email and, crucially for the ProtectPax team, to publishers. Using the Green Inbox Publishers Package, Pascal and Anthony were able to send personal messages to a long list of journalists and bloggers from relevant publications. Usually the publishers are interested and often the experts in precisely the type of innovation the entrepreneurs are looking for. Critically, the Green Inbox team helped Pascal and Anthony craft the perfect outgoing message – fresh, concise and compelling. Below is the message the ProtectPax guys sent:

Subject: SpaceX technology will protect your smart phone.

Hi <first_name>,

I wanted to reach out and share our invisible product that will protect your smartphone. We call it: ProtectPax.
SpaceX uses a similar technology to make their rockets stronger.

Please check it out and let me know what you think:

{link to campaign}

I believe this might be a good fit for your readers. Hope you enjoy it!

Here is a link to our media kit and press release:

Anthony F.
+49 211 942xxxxx

The results speak for themselves: emails went out, and by the next day there were articles on several outlets like Mashable, and Digital Trends (and many more). Perks sold out and the team found that their efforts had brought in above $20,000 in 24 hours, while their cost for the Green Inbox Publisher package was only $500!

The campaign is still going (strong). You still have until March 15th, 2017 to get one of ProtectPax’s promotional perks! Check them out at:

Crowdfunding Hack: how to raise funds by using your team (even when you don't have a team)

Getting your product or project funded through crowdsourcing is a numbers game. You can craft the most thoughtful and brilliant message out there, but if it’s only reaching a handful of people, you’re only going to see a handful of donations to your campaign. Maybe that’s all you need, but more than likely, you need to reach as many people as possible to get your dream funded. To truly maximize your fundraising efforts, it’s time to think beyond your personal potential reach using Green Inbox, and involve everyone on your project’s team in the fundraising effort. Encouraging your team members to utilize Green Inbox to reach their networks creates a ripple effect and puts your campaign out there to as many potential supporters as possible, leading to more recognition, more engagement, and most importantly, more money raised.

Take for example the recent effort of Jackie Ryan Krichevsky and her team to green-light their 6-part web series, Twentyfiveish. The team needed to raise 20,000 dollars on Seed and Spark, a crowdfunding platform for filmmakers, in order to fund the production of the series. Jackie recognized that with her team of notable producers, writers and cast, she had the potential to reach a large amount of project backers if everyone contacted their social networks. The team used Green Inbox to send personal Email messages to their combined networks of friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email contacts, and with their combined effort, were able to reach their fundraising goal.

Jackie explains:

“When we started Twentyfiveish, I knew that having a big team to reach wider than my original network would be integral to us reaching our $20,000 goal. We had a huge team, including a number of social "influencers" with a lot of followers on social media. Our entire team used Green Inbox, either connected through Facebook, Gmail or Twitter, to reach out to our supporters. It was a really great way to have to connect with people and have it go to as many people as we could directly reach out to!”

Now you may be thinking, “but I don’t have a team of writers, producers and actors - I’m a one person show!” But while yours might be a solo project, you won’t need to look far to find the supportive people in your life who will happily assist your crowdsourcing effort. Reach out to family and friends and ask them to become a part of your campaign by contacting their networks. Ideally, get a few core contacts (besties, siblings, parents) to spread the word to their friends and family with a personalized message including their relationship to you and a little something about the project they’ve seen you working on so dedicatedly. Furthermore, everyone has that one friend who is very active online, garnering hundreds of likes in a single Facebook post, or getting retweeted 15 times before breakfast. Reach out to that social influencer in your life and recruit them as a team member for your fundraising.

Your team can choose a variety of options to reach their contacts through Green Inbox. You can help your teammates select their ideal package, whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or email, based on the social media network to which they are best connected. The value of getting your team on board can be found in the ability for everyone to reach out wherever their personal network is strongest. Green Inbox is a powerful fundraising tool and, used correctly, it can help you truly maximize your campaign and kickstart your project. So, what are you waiting for? Get your team online today and take another step closer to getting your dream off the ground!

How Knocki raised $300,000 on Kickstarter in 48 hours

The Knocki team developed an exceptionally cool product which transforms any surface into a smart remote control. Stick Knocki on a wall, countertop or any surface around you and control pre-determined functions in your house. Brilliant? We agree! The easy-to-use Knocki recognises up to 10 knocking or tapping patterns. Each tap controls a different function around your "smartified home". For instance, four taps on your countertop could switch on the coffee machine while you are busy packing the kids lunches, while three taps could activate the light in the bathroom.

Knocki Founders, Jack Boshernitzan and Ohad Nezer, knew their product was extraordinary, but they wanted a community of early adopters to both fund the Knocki and hopefully become their product evangelists.

Crowdfunding is great, but everyone knows that success is as much about the marketing as the cleverness of the product. So how did two founders with no meaningful marketing savviness do so well?

Founders, Boshernitzan and Nezer, recruited 20 people from their circle of friends, family and supporters to use the Green Inbox fundraising tool. This Green Inbox tool leverages the networks of the "inner circle” to seed the viral growth for any campaign. Basically, Green Inbox is an automated marketing platform that allows you to send a personal message to your network of friends through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or Email.
In the case of Knocki founders, Boshernitzan and Nezer, they increased their reach by recruiting more people to use Green Inbox on behalf of the Knocki campaign. The moment that Knocki Kickstarter campaign went live, roughly 20,000 personal messages were sent out in a friend-to-friend network that organically grew to include friends of the friend-to-friend network; reaching high trusted sources. That’s how they raised $300,000 in the first 48 hours.

This is the message that most of the Knocki team used to reach their network:

Hey <first_name>!

As you may know, I have recently been working on an exciting new product called, Knocki. Knocki turns any surface (walls, tables, doors, etc), into a powerful remote control.

Our Kickstarter launched a few minutes ago & I'm reaching out to ask for your support. Momentum during the first few hours of the campaign can have a huge impact on our success.

I am sharing this with my Facebook friends BEFORE the general public reads about it, so you can access the lowest early bird price.

James R.

If you are planning to run a successful crowdfunding campaign then make sure to check out Green Inbox:
The Knocki campaign is still running until July 2nd, 2016. Check out the campaign in the link below:

How to increase your funds on Kickstarter/Indiegogo in 10 min. work

Connect your facebook account to your kickstarter/indiegogo account.

Why is that?
Validation increases the fund raising.
A lot of people (before putting money) would like to know you is actually you.

More tips:
Do the same for all social networks, twitter, linkedin, etc.

Change your facebook cover photo to a kickstarter ad.

Use your kickstarter photo (+ logo) as your facebook cover photo.

Why is that?
Increase exposure: People need to be exposed ~3-4 times to your campaign before they pledge.
Validation (see above)

More tips:
Do the same for Twitter, Linkedin etc.
Do the same for all team members

Work with a Team

Create a special section for your team in the campaign page and describe the team, who does what etc.

Why is that?
More people on board means more funds.
Validation (see above)

Make sure someone already backed you up (even your mom).

Why is that?
When people reach your campaign page and they see the zero funds you raised this is a #fail.
Create some social proof and market validation by making sure you raised some money before people reach your campaign page.

Be direct with friends!

If you ask from friends to share your campaign on thier wall, you will get social shares.
If you ask from friends to back you up, you will raise funds.
Be clear of what you ask for.

Ask for feedback from strangers.

When you reach out to people and ask for their money, you automatically create discomfort.
When you ask for feedback, people actually takes the time to examine your campaign.
Listen to their feedback and ask what is needed to get their support.

Reach each friend 3 times

On average, people need to be exposed ~3-4 times to your campaign before they pledge (through facebook news feed, messages, etc.). This is the human nature.
Keep a reasonable gap of about 7-10 days between each message/update. Do not spam.

Use personal messages.

Only about 4% of your facebook friends actually see your facebook posts (and it is always the same 4%).
Send a personal email message to each friend in order to increase exposure. This is best way to raise the first 10,000 USD.
Use to do it (2 minutes work).

Last reminder

Make sure you notify your friends ~3 days before your campaign ends "this is the *last* option to pledge".

Why is that?
Tendency to procrastinate is human. Your friends are human. Let them know it is now or never.

Reaching out to strangers (not yet)

Sharing your campaign with friends and family is what makes any crowd funding campaign work so well.
Not only will the people in your life support your campaign, but they will also help spread the word to their friends as well.
Only after sharing the campaign with your friends/family/fans and raising 5000 USD (at least) you can reach out to strangers.

Written by Green Inbox summer internship, Jonathan Tal
For more tips visit: